Breathtaking! Halo Infinite launch trailer is out

We’ve already expected too many young people, now there’s very little to go. If you’re one of the thousands of gamers who are eager to experience Halo Infinite after all this time, well Microsoft has just released the launch trailer for the new Master Chief and Cortana adventure, and you might be out of breath.

More of 5 years of development, a very long period in which fans got only small drops of information until the arrival, last year, of the trailer that changed everything. But this year of further development was more than justified, leaving almost no one to regret having spent a year without Halo Infinite. O multiplayer already gave us a preview of what awaits us, but the new campaign is the real desire.

Just over a week after its release, on December 8, more information about Halo Infinite, its multiplayer and its campaign follow, but if this weekend we’ve already seen a delicious appetizer in the form of a live-action trailer, this one is the one that is really worth it. One that we will certainly use for tickets in posterity. The Master Chief lives his biggest adventure to date and is the absolute protagonist in Halo Infinite – clapping here. Become it, the universe depends on you!

We won’t entertain you anymore, especially considering that you probably haven’t even read those words. We’ll just say that we’re as excited as you are and that we play multiplayer every night. Enjoy: