Bright Memory: Infinite is yet to be released in 2021; new images available

Bright Memory: Infinite has a habit of slipping under our radar for a few months and then reappearing, showing how promising it looks. These new images left us all look forward to the game again, along with the news that it is still in the process of being released on 2021.

Developer FYQD Studio reiterated its goal for a 2021 launch window when asked by a fan on Twitter. According to the studio, a “release date will be announced when the console version is ported.”

The four new images were also shared on Twitter, and while they don’t reveal too much, they deliver another promising look at this cute game. Featuring stunning visuals, character models and stunning particle effects, it’s something we can’t wait to see on our Xbox Series X|S when it launches.

In the meantime, you can already take a look at Bright Memory 1.0 which is actually more of a “demo” as it is quite short of what Bright Memory: Infinite pretends to be. It is currently available on the Xbox Series X|S at a slightly reduced price of R$23.96 – but be quick – it will only be on sale for a few more hours!