Build & Dispatch brings PC crossplay, abandoned small town and TATRA factory on the lakeshore

Today’s update for Saber Interactive’s Offroad-Sim SnowRunner (from 24,99€ at buy) could also attract the interest of newbies with a penchant for “lost places”. Season 5: Build & Dispatch in Rostov Oblast, Russia, adds, among other things, an abandoned small town, an old TATRA factory on the lakeshore and the Antonovsky nature reserve.

Features such as crossplay between versions that were purchased on Steam, in the Microsoft Store or in the Epic Games Store are included. The update is available to all Year 2 Pass owners – on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

“Rebuild a TATRA factory and put your new vehicles to the test! Build & Dispatch takes you to Rostov Oblast in Russia. Two brand new maps, a heavy industrial zone and the Antonovsky nature reserve, are completely open to you to explore. Your goal is it to restore the old TATRA factory, which rewards you with two powerful TATRA four-axle vehicles: the TATRA FORCE and the TATRA PHOENIX, both with their characteristic, customizable axles.

The phase 5 update includes new enhancements, such as the dynamic lifting platforms requested by the community, which can now also be used to charge vehicles on long-distance missions, or a brand new skin for the DON 71 Scout for all SnowRunner players. There are also two major updates for all players – and they’re completely free. The first is a new, password-based invitation and matchmaking system that allows crossplay for PC users. This allows players using Steam, the Microsoft Store or the Epic Games Store to connect and explore the wilderness together. A brand new, switchable immersive mode is also part of the update and lets you enjoy the game with a minimalist UI, so that you can either get some fresh air or experience new challenges. “