Bungie Releases New Trailer For The Witch Queen Expansion

At the Game Awards, which took place from December 9th to 10th, Bungie was not among the nominees or award winners. Nevertheless, a trailer for Destiny 2 was present, more precisely: for the expansion “The Witch Queen”, which will be released in February. It showed an encounter between a Guardian task force with Savathûn and her light-bearing Radiant Brood.

Bungie’s 30th anniversary celebration also kicked off this week. With special Destiny 2 content, they want to celebrate three decades full of exciting games, epic stories and a fantastic community. All Guardians have access to free 30 Years of Bungie content, including a new 6-player free activity with matchmaking, hidden secrets, rewards and more. In addition, players can purchase the “30 Years of Bungie” package for access to the exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, another dungeon, fresh equipment and more.

The Destiny 2 expansion “The Witch Queen” will be released on February 22, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Stadia.