Bungie wouldn’t have left the Xbox in its current model, Phil Spencer believes

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking to Axios about Bungie’s split from Microsoft in 2007, admitting that based on the way Xbox operates today, he believes that the Microsoft could have kept Destiny and the former developer of Halo. In other words, I wouldn’t have let this studio get away with it!

“We learned a lot”, Spencer told the outlet about Bungie’s history with Xbox. He pointed out that the developer had big ambitions and was very aware that “Microsoft has benefited more than Bungie from the success of Halo”. “In season, they had big ambitions, they sold their business for a certain amount of money, they saw what Halo had become and they realized that Microsoft had received more benefits than Bungie itself from that success,” Spencer explained.

The Xbox boss realized that at the time he wanted to propose something new and already had a big project planned and wanted to explore it even further: “I understand the attraction of launching a major independent company project,” reported Spencer, who sees how Bungie’s Destiny deal is understandable from the point of view of a very ambitious and capable team.

As for the separation, when asked whether current Microsoft could have avoided it, he replied: “If we could have avoided it in today’s Xbox model? yes i think we could.” Probably, with this statement Spencer argues that the greatest freedom given to teams Xbox Game Studios development would have allowed Bungie to be able to develop its own new project, going beyond the limits imposed by Halo.

There were rumors last year that Xbox was in repeated talks to acquire Bungie again, with suggestions that the price was too high and talks therefore stagnant, but Bungie CEO Pete Parsons later denied openly.

It’s interesting to think about what Xbox would be like in today’s world if Bungie had remained a part of Xbox Game Studios, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be. Then again, you never know what the future holds…

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