Call of Duty, Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass will be a dream trio

2022 has started off with a bang and a real megaton. Not surprisingly, Microsoft announced on January 18 the purchase of Activision-Blizzard, one of the largest companies and developers in the industry. A movement by which the creators of Diablo, Starcraft or Call of Duty become full members of Xbox Game Studios. And therefore, their IP’s are now part of Xbox.

With this, we start again with the rumor mill and phraseology about whether the new installments of Call of Duty or Overwatch, to give a couple of examples, will now be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, which we remember includes consoles, PC and xCloud. But be that as it may, exclusive or not, what is certain is that they will reach Xbox Game Pass at launch. Without a doubt. And that is where Microsoft’s strategy and winning ace lies.

Xbox Series S + XGP + Call of Duty + Keyboard and Mouse = Master Move

Because you have to be very blind not to see that Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises on the current scene. Not surprisingly, the veteran franchise brings together thousands of players every day in Warzone, its free Battle Royale, and year after year it becomes the best-selling game with each new installment. And now, this new installment will arrive on time to Xbox Game Pass.

With all this, the subscription of those from Redmond gains a very important asset, one of those cards that make you decide to subscribe. But let’s note one more thing in favor of Xbox: with the shortage of new generation consoles, both Xbox Series X and the two PS5 models, there are many users who have not yet made the leap. Many of them are regular Call of Duty players and will want to continue enjoying their favorite franchise. And now they have the perfect option for them: Xbox Series S.

The youngest of the family has already shown its potential to spare and this past Christmas has become the most desired and sold. With it, we have access to the new generation for €299 (less if we find an offer like the ones we’ve been having), with which we can enjoy Call of Duty with up to 120fps. And only with a monthly subscription of €6.99 that corresponds to the Xbox Game Pass console.

With this, we are facing the perfect marriage between console and game. A hardware that allows you to access all the benefits of the new generation at a reduced price, while you can enjoy the latest installment of Call of Duty from Xbox Game Pass in its best features. A very real and powerful alternative for those who have not yet been able or wanted to take the leap and that is the real blow to Microsoft’s table.

Furthermore, we cannot forget that on Xbox we can incorporate a keyboard and mouse to enjoy some games, among which are usually Call of Duty (Warzone currently has support). With this, for just 300 euros plus the subscription, any player can enjoy each annual installment of the franchise as they like, without having to make a large outlay to get an authentic next-gen experience and being able to play with the best features.