Campaign asks Bethesta to add PT-BR subtitles in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

We had good news today, but this really isn’t the best. When Bethesda announced that we would have a new version of their mythical RPG, the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, which would arrive full of mods, many believed that it would come with pt-br translation through subtitles, since there is a mod for that.

However, in a response to a fan on Twitter, Bethesda Brasil has just confirmed that Skyrim: Anniversary Edition not will have subtitles in pt-br. You can check this out in the tweet below:

However, Brazilian fans ruled with a Twitter campaign to raise the hashtag: #LegendasPTBRSkyrim. You can see this below:

As you can see, a lot of people are interested that the game already come with the translation mod in Brazilian Portuguese as this will allow everyone to play and complete achievements at the same time. The problem is that if this doesn’t come officially through Bethesda’s hands, you can even play with the Brazilian Portuguese language, but without scoring your achievements.

That way, if you have Twitter, it costs nothing to upload this hashtag too, who knows the request will not be granted? #LegendasPTBRSkyrim