Clear the ring for the cat fights on PC and Switch

On September 23, 2021, Play Fellow Studio and Rogue Games released the cat fighting game Fisti-Fluffs, which has already been released for Android, for PC and Nintendo Switch. The download from the Epic Games Store costs 15.99 euros, while via Steam and eShop each costs 21.99 euros. In the game description it says: “If no people are in sight, the cats get bored – and you know what that means? Exactly. It’s time to fight! Hop, hiss, meow and claw your way through the cat realm to prove that your cat is the one best of all ‘is.

fisti-fluffs is an adorable (and yes – crazy) physics-based group game in which you fight other cats and destroy your surroundings in fanatical and exaggerated fights. You can of course play alone, but it’s much more fun with friends. So: sharpen your claws and get ready for a cat slaughter. “

The following features are mentioned:

  • Fast-paced physics-based cat fun in the absence of their owners
  • Duel with up to four players in gentle and hilarious brawls
  • Game modes: Brawl, Crown Control, Destruction, Party and Pet Bowl
  • In Fressnapf you and up to three of your best friends fight off an infinite number of waves of rats and other animals so that they don’t steal your food bowl in this game mode.
  • 6 completely destructible, funny, exciting and colorful scenes to destroy and the additional largest and most comprehensive house scenery that can only be played in Fressnapf
  • Turn the playroom into a weapon and hit objects to hurl them through the scenery.
  • An adorable list of real cats that have been digitized for the game. All the lovable kittens and charming style will make for many ahs and ohs!
  • Create your own kitten and customize it with unique cat styles, hats and outfits.
  • Create sharing screenshots that are bursting with cuteness using the built-in camera mode.

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