Clear the stage for a cosmic foray through your own imagination

On September 9th, 2021 Annapurna Interactive and Beethoven & Dinosaur released the pop culture action adventure The Artful Escape for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. On Steam, where 95 percent of the user reviews have been positive to date, a launch discount of ten percent on the regular retail price will be granted until September 16 (15.11 euros instead of 16.79 euros). In the Microsoft Store, however, 19.99 euros are due for the music adventure also included in the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate).

The game description says: “On the eve of his first appearance, teen guitar talent Francis Vendetti grapples with the legacy of a dead folk legend and the cosmic forays into his own imagination. Trying to escape his uncle’s musical legacy, he embarks on a mind-expanding journey to find his stage persona inspire and find out who he is not. An adventure of stolen opera houses, sonorous extraordinary landscapes and the impossible depths of the cosmic extraordinary. With speakers Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, Lena Headey, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Strong and Carl Weathers. “

The main features are:

  • A story of great expectations, vast legacies, aliens, folk music, guitar solos, improvisations and living your dreams from memories.
  • Musical jams. From the depth of your being. You cross dimensions.
  • Create your own stage personality, from the sci-fi beginnings of your prehistory to the adornment of your moonboots.
  • Exchange ideas, advise and chill out with a wide variety of beings, including disaffected shopkeepers, nostalgic villagers, clumsy extraterrestrial wild animals and colossi brimming with reality.
  • Shred, soar and dance across the multiverse. Traverse sonorous landscapes – composed by your movements – as if the world itself were an instrument.

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