Closed beta for the sci-fi thriller started on Steam

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced the start of the closed beta of Hidden Deep. From now on, players can request their access to the test of the sci-fi thriller on the product page of the title on Steam. Four different levels of hidden deep will be available during the closed beta. Developer Cogwheel Software would like to use the test, which lasts several weeks, to prepare for the upcoming early access phase. A new trailer for the game was released to coincide with the beta.

“In Hidden Deep, a team of four goes to a mysterious facility one mile below the ocean floor to find out what happened to the station’s crew, who have disappeared without a trace. In search of their colleagues, they are transported to a dark sci-fi Fi-story, inspired by classics of the 80s and 90s like Alien and The Thing, as well as the first Half-Life, involves using all kinds of tools to find your way through the alien breeding grounds, avoiding dangerous traps and to avoid being eaten up by the facility’s residents (or even your own crew members). “

According to current plans, the early access phase of Hidden Deep will start in early 2022. The game will initially only be available for the PC. However, implementations for Nintendo Switch and Xbox are considered likely by the makers. You can find more details on Steam.

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