Collisions and signals for trains

With Update 5 for Satisfactory (Early Access) the train system in the building game will be expanded. In the future, it will be possible to control the train network more effectively with signals so that several trains can run better coordinated on a route. Trains can also collide and lose their charge, as the developers demonstrate in the following trailer (at the end). Update 5 will be released in the experimental version on October 26, 2021 in the Epic Games Store and on Steam. A public test run of the update takes place first, which can take several weeks. The developers estimate about a month.

Update 5 will not include any new production buildings, production plans, or research stages. Corresponding innovations are planned for later updates. Rather, existing game elements should be revised and improved. Apart from the fact that the developers want to improve the general construction possibilities and several parts of the world – like the “Northern Forest” – there will be many new cosmetic factory components with which more beautiful factories can be built. This includes new walls, windows, beams, sidewalks and a number of new roofs. The automated transport vehicles are also to be revised and better able to cope with obstacles in the way and the fuel. Update 5 is supposed to improve further elements of the construction simulation. The Coffee Stain Studios want to unveil further innovations in the next few weeks.

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