Company of Heroes 3 – First Developer Diary and the "CoH-Dev-Community"

Sega and Relic Entertainment have released the first Company of Heroes 3 video diary. The video gives an insight into the CoH development process and also introduces the “Community Council” in more detail. In addition to the developers, the dev diary also features some community members who worked closely with Relic during the implementation of the project and who provided feedback long before the game was announced.

In addition, there is the “CoH Dev Community” as a communicative interface between the players and the developers (to the website). Sega: “The CoH Dev community has grown considerably since the game was first announced in July 2021. There are currently 200,000 players registered to actively shape the future of the game. Company of Heroes 3 has already received significant feedback from CoH Dev , and the loyal community will be able to express their opinion until the day the game is released. Players can still register here for CoH Development, which is operated by Games2Gether. Registration is free and offers players exclusive insights into the development of the game, access to early gameplay slices, and a say in the game’s development. “

Company of Heroes 3 is slated for PC release in 2022. As part of the SEGA Discovery Sale, CoH and CoH2 will also be offered at a discount until September 30, 2021.

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