Contract killer Travis Touchdown starts his mission on Switch

No More Heroes 3 (ab 59,99€ at buy) has been published by Grasshopper Manufacture exclusively on Nintendo Switch (eShop price: 59.99 euros; Metascore).

Nintendo: “After a long journey of self-discovery, Travis Touchdown, top-class hit man, returns to his hometown of Santa Destroy … just before an alien invasion! The nasty mastermind behind this galactic nuisance is none other than the chief criminal Jess-Baptiste VI, known as Prince FU. Um To decide the fate of the earth, FU creates the Galactic Superhero Ranking, which consists of the deadliest alien assassins in the galaxy – that is, his jail buddies from Blackhole Prison. Travis does not miss the fight and now has to win his title bring back the rankings … oh yes, and save the planet! “

“The world is at stake, but why rush it? When you’re not in a rank fight, get on Travis’ hot rod Demzamtiger motorcycle and enjoy the urban vibe of Santa Destroy. There’s a lot to see and do: new ones Buy outfits, tinker with the Death Glove, collect figurines or play in Travis’ apartment with his cat Jeane. The next rank fight awaits you as soon as you are ready – ready to pay! Before you can take on the next opponent, you have to yourself Earn enough through odd jobs to be able to raise the entry fee. Whether beating up bullies, picking up rubbish, mowing the lawn or wrestling down alligators, Travis is no job too dangerous or too banal. “

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