Control makers announce Koop-Shooter Vanguard, Vetriebs’ partnership with Tencent

It has long been no secret that Remedy Entertainment (Control, Quantum Break) is working on some new games, including the recently announced Alan Wake 2 and the story mode for CrossfireX, which will be released in February. Now the Finnish developer studio has spoken out in a press release and has also announced “Vanguard”.

However, this is just a working title and not the final name of the game. But at least there is already the first tangible information. Accordingly, it is a multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on co-op battles, which is based on unreal technology and is to appear for PC and consoles. The game is based on a free-to-play model and should therefore be financed through microtransactions after the launch. In this regard, Remedy Entertainment has not yet revealed any further details. For the actual gameplay, the developers promise a mixture of action-packed gameplay and Remedy-typical story aspects. What one can imagine by this also remains open for the time being.

In order to be able to realize Vanguard, Remedy Entertainment has entered into a partnership with the Chinese company Tencent. In this context, both companies share the development costs, Tencent has also secured the rights for a mobile version of the co-op shooter. Worldwide publishing is with Remedy, with the exception of Asia – Tencent will take care of publishing and localization here. It will be a few years before Vanguard is released. The project is currently in what is known as a “proof of concept” phase. It would therefore be surprising if the game were to be launched before 2023.