Control: Update for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 not handled “in the best way”, admits 505

Control. Remedy.

Neil Ralley, head of 505 Games, admitted that the update for consoles on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S do Control was not done in the “best way”. In fact, remember that the transition to the next gen was only guaranteed for those who bought the Ultimate Edition version, but it wasn’t available for those who bought the base game and DLC separately (which are the Ultimate content).

Speaking to, Ralley said: “Each transition from one generation to another creates challenges for both development and publication. The option of Smart Delivery, if I can use that term to generalize, it was something we didn’t have. We deal before as an industry. “

“For Control, we made some decisions that limited how we could perform Smart Delivery for the next generation version. They were the right decisions at the time, but they created these blocks. We weren’t able to step back and reorganize the way we were developing the Ultimate Edition so that there was a sensible and fair way to make smart delivery. “

We learned a lot from all this. Did we, as editors, manage this best and communicate best to the public? Maybe not. But we did our best to satisfy consumers. we can do better and you will see in the next examples that we will have with Ghostrunner in late September and Assetto Corsa in early 2022. I am very confident that we will do it in a better way. “

The term “Smart Delivery” is highly popular especially now that Sony has rejected this feature and charges users with prices on game updates. Microsoft who released this term on Xbox.