Control “will be released on January 11th

In mid-November 2021, the first DLC for the shooter Far Cry 6 (from 44,99 at buy) dive into the psycho of Vaas, the antagonist of Far Cry 3. Now the date for the second big download has been set: From January 11th you will be able to deal with Pagan Min and learn in a roguelite experience what motivates the opponent from Far Cry 4 and how he justifies his actions.

This is the official description of the DLC “Pagan: Control”:
Players: take on the role of Pagan Min, the iconic villain from Far Cry 4, in a brand new, Rougelite-inspired experience set in the depths of the villain’s troubled psyche. Pagan: Control mixes intense action and narration. This offers players a unique opportunity to explore Pagan’s psyche, learn more about his past and compete against familiar faces as he struggles to escape his vicious cycle of guilt and remorse.

The second DLC for Far Cry 6 is available as part of the Season Pass, but it can be assumed that the Pagan episode as well as the Vaas chapter will also be available for purchase separately for 14.99 euros.

The third and final DLC is about Joseph, the archenemy from Far Cry 5 and will be released later this year.

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