Creator of The Last Of Us praised Brazilian game that is also on Xbox Game Pass

Some strange moves always happen in the game industry and this time we have a Brazilian game that is in the Xbox Game Pass catalog being recommended by none other than Neil Druckmann, creator of The Last Of Us, this flagship Playstation franchise.

The game in question recommended by Druckmann is the very Brazilian Unsighted which was called by him as “One of the best games of this year”. In addition to being available on the Xbox Game Pass, you can also play it via Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud).

Absolutely Loving Unsighted! Looks nostalgic and modern at the same time. Sleek and rigid mechanics take this to top. One of the best games this year.

Of course Druckmann is not advertising the Xbox Game Pass, not directly, after all who pays his salary is his rival Playstation, but it’s good to see that even the competition itself recognizes good titles from the catalog and end up recommending some games for us.

In this way, not only Druckmann, but the Windows Club also recommends that you try Unsighted on the Microsoft Store. Have you ever played? Recommend?