CrossfireX: Check out a preview of the Remedy campaign that will be released exclusively on Xbox

If you’ve watched The Game Awards this year, you’ll have seen that CrossfireX finally has a release date. The latest title in Smilegate Entertainment’s successful multiplayer shooter series will hit Xbox consoles in February, 10th. And while competing against other players online will provide long-term fun, those who enjoy single-player campaigns will find themselves catered for as well. CrossfireX will feature two Operations when it launches – essentially two campaigns. And they were developed by Remedy Entertainment, known for hits like Max Payne, Alan Wakee Control.

In the first chapter of Operation Catalyst, we take control of a globally endangered strike soldier named Hall. Sent on an extraction mission with his team, everything goes awry when it seems his opponents, Black List, knew they were coming. And so, he quickly finds himself fighting for his life as he ponders exactly who set them up. He doesn’t have time to think about it too much yet, though, but he doesn’t have his squad leader, Cavanaugh, dead, who is also his wife’s brother, all he’s worried about right now is getting a word for Risk Global so that what’s left of the team can be extracted.

CrossfireX is not just about shooting. A stumbling scene did explore Hall’s house, and there are plenty of opportunities to employ stealth instead of going on bullets. Before the chapter ends, it is also possible to control another character named Randall after Hall was captured. It’s up to us to give Hall an opportunity to escape, and then protect him.

Below you can check it all out in a preview video:

Much of the CrossFireX campaign was inspired by the Early 2010 Call of Duty campaigns than just go unnoticed. Aside from the obvious gameplay features of wielding two weapons at once alongside a small assortment of grenades, teammates waiting for you to deliver the finishing blow, and the blistering banner and catchphrases of anyone onscreen, CrossfireX feels like a shooter 2010 made with 2020 technology. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Remedy’s narrative may be the main reason CrossfireX takes off in the West.

CrossfireX releases February 10 on Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.