Crystal Dynamics is absolutely ‘thrilled’ to be working on the new Perfect Dark game

This week, we received the surprise news that The Initiative would be partnering with Crystal Dynamics on the upcoming Perfect Dark game. Two high-budget game studios put together in one game, that’s really big and that excited most of the fans.

The Xbox studio said it was “incredibly excited” to work with the developer known for titles like Tomb Raider, and in response, Crystal Dynamics shared its own message on social media about the new partnership.

It’s “exciting” to be involved – nothing like it thrives on “re-imagining” iconic heroes.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned in his own Twitter message yesterday how he is equally “thrilled” by the partnership. So both sides are thrilled to be working on one of the most renowned franchises in the gaming industry.

As highlighted earlier, there is a lot of history between all these companies. The Initiative was founded by the former head of Crystal Dynamics, and Microsoft had a special deal with Rise of the Tomb Raider – making it a timed exclusive on Xbox.

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