Crystar: Switch adaptation of tearful action RPG announced

In spring and summer 2022, FuRyu and NIS America want to release the action role-playing game Crystar, which has already been released for PC and PlayStation 4 and has so far been rated “very positively” on Steam, for Nintendo Switch – both as a download via eShop and as a boxed version in stores . A limited special edition can also be pre-ordered in the in-house online store:

Game description of the manufacturer: “Overcome by grief and despair, Rei is approached by demons who offer her a sinister contract: she is supposed to serve as her executioner and in return she is given the ability to revive her sister. Rei joins a group of executioners, including Kokoro, Sen and Nanana, each with unique abilities. Together they explore what lies behind the shattered souls in Purgatory. Ultimately, Rei grapples with the demons around and within herself as she desperately seeks a way to save and join her sister her to return home.

Crystar takes place in a dark world in which lost souls live and tears give certain powers. A number of unique characters are available, whose strength can be used to challenge insane hordes of Specters and Revenants. In battle, the tears must be replenished so that powerful guardians can be summoned with them. When the agony of defeated enemies leads to despair, tears and grief can lead to catharsis – new strength can be drawn from grief, which improves attacks and armor. “

The key features are:

  • Rei Resurrected: Experience Crystar for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, complete with all previously published content.
  • Purgatory awaits you: switch between the real world and the realm of lost souls as you seek a way to revive your fallen sister. Meet the demonic inhabitants of Purgatory and use their powers to fight against depraved hordes of ghosts and avengers.
  • From tears to triumph: Eliminate enemies to collect agony, purify them to collect feelings for battle, and fill the tear gauge in battle to summon mighty Guardians and your full potential.

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