Cult figure of the 16-bit era gets a new TV show

Production company Interplay Entertainment has revealed that they are currently working on an animated series for Earthworm Jim. It is the second show by the space worm. In 1995 and 1996 Earthworm Jim was seen in a series of the same name for two seasons with a total of 23 episodes on TV. Now the cult figure, who started her career on the SNES and the Mega Drive at the time, is about to return. The creators have published a short video with Earthworm Jim on the Interplay Entertainment website, which talks about the upcoming project.

Earthworm Jim: Beyond the Groovy viewers accompany the space worm on his search for planet earth. The likable earthworm will of course not be left to fend for itself and will get to know numerous new characters during the trip. Producer Michel K. Parandi is responsible for the script. There is not yet a start date for the series. It is also unclear where the animated show will be shown. Only last year a sequel to the games was announced with Earthworm Jim 4. The title will initially appear exclusively for Intellivision Amico.