Current leak with interesting details about the shooter sequel

It has long been no secret that Ghost Story Games has been working on the next episode of the shooter series Bioshock for some time. There has been plenty of evidence and speculation in the past few months. But a new leak has particularly interesting information to offer.

As can be read in several tweets on the “Oops Leaks” channel, the next episode is supposed to be called Bioshock: Isolation, which is also a direct reference to the setting. According to the leak, the game takes place in two isolated cities with a special feature. The two metropolises are directly above each other and are mirrored horizontally. In the “upper” city, wealth and prosperity prevail under the leadership of a successful entrepreneur, while the “lower” city is ruled by a dictator. There is a kind of border area between the cities, which do not appear to be particularly friendly to each other.

Furthermore, it emerges from the leak that Bioshock: Isolation should use the Unreal Engine 5. Both veterans of the developer studio Irrational Games (from which 2017 Ghost Story Games emerged) and experienced people who were previously involved in games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mafia 3 or Watch Dogs Legion work on the game. According to the leak, the official announcement of the game should take place in the first quarter of 2022 – at the latest in March of next year.