Cyberpunk adventure about hackers, technomancers and mind control on a console course

On October 28, 2021, Theta Division and Blood Music want the point’n’click adventure VirtuaVerse, which has already been released for PC (for testing), also for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch publish:

You can already add the cyberpunk adventure to your wish list in the PlayStation Store, and you can even pre-order it for € 14.99 each via the Microsoft Store and eShop. In the game description it says: “VirtuaVerse is a challenging old-school cyberpunk point & click adventure set in the not too distant future and tells of technomancers, AVR graffiti artists, hacker groups, crypto shaman tribes, digital archeology, epic cyber wars and virtual realities .

In the not too distant future, artificial intelligence would prevail over all other AIs and their governments. Society has migrated into a permanent integrated reality connected to a single neural network that is constantly optimizing its experience by processing personal data. Nathan, an outsider who still refuses to submit to the new system, makes his living as a smuggler of modified hardware and cracked software off the web. Equipped with his individual headset, he is one of the few who can still switch off the AVR and see reality for what it is.

He shares an apartment in the city with his friend Jay, a talented AVR graffiti artist whose drones spray techno paint all over the augmented space in the city. When Nathan wakes up one day, he discovers that Jay has disappeared overnight, his headset is broken and a cryptic message has been left on the bathroom mirror. Cut off and determined to find out what happened to Jay, he finds himself on an unexpected journey involving Jay’s hacking group and a guild of AVR technomancers. On his trip around the world he has to go through hardware cemeteries, grapple with digital archeology, tribes of crypto shamans, and debauchery in virtual reality. “

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