Dark action RPG postponed to 2022, also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

As publisher Team 17 and developer OverBorder Studio report, the dark action role-playing game Thymesia will not appear until 2022. The title is thus included in an illustrious list of games that, contrary to original announcements, will no longer make it onto the market this year, including Dying Light 2, Shadow Warrior 3 or Rainbow Six: Extraction.

At the same time, console versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S were announced, which should appear at the same time as the PC version. In Thymesia you play the mysterious Corvus, half human, half raven, who tries to piece together his lost memories in order to save himself and the kingdom he once called home. The fight centers on Corvus ‘ability to steal his enemies’ plague weapons and use them for himself. Team 17 and OverBorder describe the main features of Thymesia as follows:

  • Use Diseases as Weapons: As Corvus, players can steal diseases from enemies and use them as deadly weapons.
  • Intense battles: players must use their entire arsenal to avoid death; Dodging attacks and parrying at the right time are critical to survival.
  • A dark and deadly world: the gloomy backdrop gives Thymesia its very own character.
  • Merciless Enemies: The enemies, corrupted by the plague and mutated into monsters, are incredibly hostile and challenge the player at every turn.
  • Replayability: The ability to customize Corvus and try out different builds, as well as the different endings available ensure that no two stages are the same.

Thymesia will be available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2022. Last current video: Now coming in 2022