Dark fantasy role-playing game is leaving Early Access

On September 9th, 2021 the Polish developers Dreamplant Studio and indie publisher All in! Games released the roguelite action role-playing game Arboria for PC and officially ended Early Access after 16 months with a major launch update. On Steam, where the previous user reviews have been “very positive”, a discount of 15 percent on the regular retail price will be granted until September 16 (14.27 euros instead of 16.79 euros).

“Arboria stands out as an innovative entry in the roguelite genre and is the first game on Steam to add dynamic real-time combat to the formula,” said Piotr Zygadlo, CEO of All in! Games. “Dreamplant did an excellent job during the early access phase and improved the gaming experience significantly with regular updates. The feedback from the players has been excellent and we are sure that roguelite fans will not be disappointed.”

“Arboria is our slightly weird heart project and offers a mixture of the most diverse influences: Nordic myths, different tribal cultures, sci-fi and fantasy”, says Marcin Szwed, CEO of Dreamplant Studio. “We are overwhelmed by the response that our aesthetically challenging Trollsssse have received from so many people. The community supported us and helped shape the game in Early Access. We can’t say thank you enough for it. The world von Durnar welcomes everyone to offer the most bizarre dungeon run ever. And ultimately, despite all the genetic modifications human beings have made, nature finds a way to restore order. ”

Game description of the manufacturer: “Arboria lets players take on the role of a Yotun warrior who descends into the ever-winding tunnels of Durnar to collect Veri and heal the Father Tree. Fight. Die. And all over again. Creepy monsters lurk around every corner, so players must fight their path with symbiotic weapons, win the favor of the gods and restore the power of their tribe. “

The main features mentioned are:

  • Descend to Durnar – discover procedurally created dungeons with unique and varied ecosystems and become the greatest threat below
  • Become a weapon yourself – use different symbiotic weapons and bio-mutations
  • Unlock new attributes and mutate to become stronger – strengthen future warriors, even if only your severed head in a jar in the cemetery will still witness them
  • Face zillions of unique enemies and bosses – Durnar hides dark horrors in its shadows

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