Date for the third expansion “The Queen and the Sea” revealed

After receiving further support from Dead Cells (from 14,99€ at buy) announced (we reported), developer Motion Twin has now announced the date for the conclusion of the DLC trilogy. Accordingly, “The Queen and the Sea” will be available on January 6, 2022 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. With the release date, the creators have also revealed details about the new biomes that will land in the action platformer with the paid expansion. In line with the announcement, a gameplay trailer was also presented, which gives you another look at “The Queen and the Sea”.

A total of two new biomes will be added to the game with the DLC, which you can encounter as an alternative to “High Peak Castle” and “Hand of the King” towards the end of the title. This is “The Infested Shipwreck”, which will offer you a completely new arsenal of weapons, including a trident, a pirate hook and even a shark. Behind the second biome is the “Lighthouse” by Dead Cells. As a bonus, players can look forward to an additional boss biome with “The Crown”, which offers a new end to the story. The DLC will be available for 4.99 euros.

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