Deadlands (DLC) will be released in November

The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands, the closing DLC ​​for Tore von Oblivion, will be released on November 1st for PC / Mac and Stadia and on November 16th for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The DLC Deadlands game expansion can be purchased through the in-game Crown Store. Alternatively, access is also included with a subscription to ESO Plus. The full patch notes for Update 32 and Deadlands can be found here.

Zenimax Online: “This 20-hour action-packed finale is about exploring new worlds, making strange new allies and finally thwarting Dagon’s plans to rule Nirn. Anyone who has played The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will recognize parts of the Deadlands. The Senge is an area full of molten lava rivers, flame-soaked beasts and towering metal towers. It will also be possible to penetrate a new part of the Deadlands never seen in an Elder Scrolls game: The Barren – a region full of violent currents and And there is one more place in the Dead Lands that not even a Daedric prince can control: Distant Tomb is one of the largest cities in The Elder Scrolls Online and is a mystical desert metropolis towered over by huge skeletons. It is a city , where players can do handicrafts and trade or simply travel between the levels, before visiting this metropolis ask yourself one thing: what is of value to those who neither eat, drink nor rest? “

The Deadlands Prologue (free) should already be available to all ESO players. The quest “An Apocalyptic Situation” can be picked up in the Crown Shop.

“In the prologue to Deadlands, you will once again summon the mysterious Dremora Lyranth to investigate new intrigues of the Order of the Awakening Flame. During the two prologue quests you will learn more about Mehrune Dagon’s latest plans for Tamriel, you will encounter fearsome new adversaries and explore entirely new ones Worlds. “

“The Gaben von Dunkelforst game event is already running and will end on Tuesday, October 12th at 10am EDT. During the event, you will be able to work with other ESO players to unlock incredible new rewards by completing the Boy Scout achievement Earn from Dunkelforst. All you have to do is visit the six different striking locations in Dunkelforst. We update the progress daily on the Gaben von Dunkelforst page to see how the community is doing. As soon as the ad has reached 100% or the event ends , we will add the unlocked rewards (as a package) for ALL Blackwood owners in the Crown Shop.

“Since its release in 2014, over 19 million players around the world have seen The Elder Scrolls Online. To further advance our localization efforts, we’re adding Spanish to the list of languages ​​available in ESO. This means that all text and In-game subtitles will be fully localized to Spanish, including any previous, current, and future updates to The Elder Scrolls Online. “

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