Deathloop: launch of trailer for new title from Arkane Studios

Deathloop will make its debut tomorrow on PC and PS5, and Arkane Studios obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity to promote the game’s release with the amazing launch trailer you can see below. The cool thing is that it is dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

With great style, the video takes up the main features of the new game from the French studio. Stuck on a mysterious island and in a time loop that makes us relive the same day over and over, we’ll have to struggle to find a way out of the loop and prevent lethal Julianna from killing us while we try.

Below, check out the launch trailer:

The international media acclaimed Deathloop with very high marks, the result is a truly fascinating and immersive experience that has truly surprised many.

We have in our hands a work that has managed to kidnap us with an incredible story, told in a sublime way and with an excellent amount of twists. Apparently, the exclusivity is for one year, soon after that he should enter directly into the Xbox Game Pass. This may be Arkane’s last game for Playstation, remembering that Redfall is already exclusive to Xbox and comes out next year.