Deathloop (PC): Hotfix against stuttering / stuttering in development

The PC version of Deathloop struggles with a number of problems, which, however, do not occur to every user of the game on the PC – accordingly, 70 percent of the user reviews on Steam are also “positive”. In addition to possible crashes, some players also mentioned performance drops, micro stutters (speculations: VRAM overload, reloading stuttering or Denuvo Anti-Tamper) in the game and fps dropouts after a long game. In the meantime, the developers have reacted to the reports of stuttering or stuttering and made it clear that they want to get to the bottom of the cause and test possible hotfixes. At this point, reference is made to Bethesda Support.

In addition, a small update has been published that should provide clearer error messages in the event of crashes after the start – especially if you start the game with a CPU that does not meet the minimum requirements or if other software measures are necessary.

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