Deathloop Trailer Confirms When PS5 Exclusiveness Ends

It’s the end of the year, so digital stores across all consoles are offering deep discounts on hundreds of games. One of the most popular games of 2021, Deathloop from Arkane Studios, it’s a game fans can get for a cheap price now, with a new trailer released to help advertise its reduced price. From now until January 5, 2022, PlayStation 5 gamers can enter PlayStation Store and pick up the critically acclaimed Deathloop at 50% off.

Deathloop’s reviews were overwhelmingly positive at the time of its release and the game took home several year-end awards, so being able to halve it is a good offer, to say the least. However, the trailer associated with the discount announcement has an added detail that may be of interest. private for Xbox gamers, as it reiterates exactly when the exclusivity do PlayStation 5 de Deathloop ends.

Thanks to an agreement between Bethesda and Sony prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, Deathloop is exclusive to PS5 on consoles. So even though it’s technically an Xbox game, it will only be available on the PS5. until September 14, 2022, when it will finally be able to reach other consoles, such as the Xbox Series X e S. Specific plans for the Deathloop Xbox launch haven’t been revealed, but as it’s an Xbox game, it’s virtually guaranteed to happen not long after the PS5’s window of exclusivity ends.

Once PS5 Exclusive Deathloop will be ended, the next step would be for the game to come to Xbox jogo Pass. Microsoft has made it clear that part of the reason it acquired Bethesda was to get content for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and you have to imagine that Deathloop will be an Xbox Game Pass game of day one when the Xbox Series X port |S is finally announced. Whether or not this will happen as early as September 14, 2022 remains to be seen, but fans will find out more in the coming year.

Whenever Deathloop comes to Xbox, it should be a huge gain for the platform and Game Pass. Deathloop has won multiple awards in a variety of categories from many publications and ceremonies this year, with the game highly regarded as one of the best releases of all of 2021.