Details on future updates will come soon

Many fans of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn are currently waiting for information about what to expect in the near future – also and especially with regard to the major update 7.0. However, this radio silence should soon be over.

As the responsible game director and producer Naoki Yoshida announced at Radio Mog Station, fans can expect the information about the planned updates for Final Fantasy 14 towards the end of February this year. According to him, there will be several smaller updates before the large version 7.0, which will, however, bring some interesting features and innovations. Regarding the story, the characters Krile and Thancred play an important role, without Yoshida wanting to give more precise details.

In addition, Yoshida made some hints about the next major update – version 6.08. Here, the players of Final Fantasy 14 can apparently look forward to buffs for some classes (for example monk and black magician). However, so far there are neither more specific details nor patch notes.