Developers are rowing back after the community’s shit storm

The online role-playing game New World (from 39,99€ at pre-order) and the associated developer team at Amazon Game Studios just can’t get out of the negative headlines. As the latest stumbling block, a major change in the so-called watermark system was recently announced, which immediately caused an enormous shit storm from the ranks of the community. This criticism was apparently so severe that the developers are now giving in.

“TigerC4ne” from Amazon Game Studios published a detailed statement in the official forum. Accordingly, the development team took the fans’ criticism to heart and reconsidered the planned changes. Ultimately, the decision was made to readjust something in this regard. The new competence system for scaling objects will therefore be introduced as planned, but will be weakened somewhat. The scaling applies to all items that are traded or sold after the corresponding update. However, there are three exceptions:

  • self-made items
  • Items purchased from the faction shop
  • Items earned as rewards through quests

There will also be an adjustment in the calculation of the scaling. If a player has a competence value of 520 and buys an ax with a gear score of 600, the weapon receives an average value of 560 when it is used. According to the originally planned system, it would only have been 520. “TigerC4ne” also made it clear that it was not the intention of the developers to steal the power they had previously earned from players or their characters and thus weaken it. Therefore, it was decided to make these adjustments.

New World was released for PC on September 28th. You can read the test on here.

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