Digital Foundry says it is “cautiously optimistic” for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was introduced a few days ago with a new gameplay video and the Digital Foundry made a preliminary analysis based on this material, declaring itself cautiously optimistic about the visual rendering of the game.

The words were actually spoken by a new contributor to the English newspaper, Adam Taylor, who discussed with Alex Battaglia what was seen in the trailer of the campaign for a Halo Infinite player, trying to draw some conclusions in advance, namely, they didn’t get their hands on the game!

Taylor stressed the introduction of elements that somehow make the new Master Chief adventure similar to DOOM Eternal, which is obviously not a flaw and in fact opens the franchise to hitherto unprecedented prospects.

Previously, Alex Battaglia criticized Halo Infinite’s first-person animations and that, in general, Digital Foundry was not impressed by the improvements made to the game, which however seem to be quite noticeable. The reaction from the public and the press itself was more encouraging.

Battaglia himself underlined how the entire lighting system has been improved compared to the previous Halo Infinite demo, and noted a greater attention to surfaces and asset flow.