Director of Days Gone on Ghost of Tsushima: “These numbers made us a failure”

More and more information is forming about the fate of Days Gone and how Sony treats its studios out of the spotlight. The exclusive PlayStation developed by Sony Bend that debuted in 2019 had actually been the center of much conversation in the gaming community over the past few months when it was revealed that a sequel was not in Sony’s projects – with creative director John Garvin who claimed the game had been penalized by fans who were unwilling to buy it at full price.

And it’s Ross who returned to the subject in these hours, after Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the results achieved in the market by his Ghost of Tsushima, which reached 8 million copies.

According to Ross, in fact, the company would not have shown the same enthusiasm for the commercial results of its Days Gone, with the local management of Bend having made that despite the Sony zombie game having sold it, they gave the impression that it was a failure.

According to the director, who left Sony:

“By the time I left Sony, Days Gone had been on the market for a year and a half (and a month) and had sold 8 million copies. Since then, it has continued to sell and has sold over a million copies on Steam. The management of local company always made us feel that it was a big disappointment. ».

From Ross’s perspective, therefore, despite similar commercial results (Tsushima was released in July 2020), Sony Bend would have been somewhat disheartened by the consideration of studio managers, who would have found the market response disappointing.

When a reader asked Ross in his tweet comments if he was referring to the management of Bend or the upper floors of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the former director wrote “Definitely spot on. I don’t know what kind of pressure they received from above » .

Another player pointed out that some less-than-enthusiastic reviews of the game likely influenced Sony’s rating, with even the creative director actually pointing out for some time now Metacritic media’s involvement in the controversy.

So far, Days Gone has a Metacritic average of 71/100 on PS4 and 76/100 on PC. It seems that there is pressure on Sony for scores on Metacritic, and if it doesn’t reach that goal the developers are punished.

With regard to ratings, Ross simply commented “yes, the press didn’t help our case.” Without delving into the subject in what is a simple news that reports the facts without incursions into personal opinions. Ross, however, pointed out that the team’s problems “were about sales, not valuations” .

Also speaking in response to those who asked if and how the game encountered issues during development, the director said:

“Development was a long struggle, but we were a small team learning how to make their first open world game. All things considered, it’s fantastic that we actually managed to finish it».

Sony Bend is possibly working on something else and Days Gone is a franchise that the Japanese company seems to want to forget about, lock it in a basement and throw away the key.