Director’s Cut will also be available for the PC in spring

AdrianVeidt wrote:?05.01.2022 13:50

The PC is no real competition for Sony, in the medium term a gaming PC will be unaffordable, the PC is more of an additional tool for expanding market share.

Even if a “gaming PC” 5000? In the end, it is still the cheaper alternative for me. Apparently nothing outside of the mainstream AAA games seems to arrive in your world, but even there: Console 80? + and that is stable over a long period of time. PC 40-60? and thanks to the launcher war, mostly only for the first few weeks, then there’s a sale. And now comes the bang: I don’t have to worry, my 15-year-old games are still running (keyword: downward compatibility).
We leave out indie games, mods, etc. in order not to bloom too much.
Gamepass: great thing if it suits you. By the way, it is now also available from EA and UBI Weich. However, it must also match the gaming habits. If I am 60 every month now? to keep the games I want to play available, it’s no longer worth it. If the game of my choice is thrown out of the shop or gamepass at some point … Oops, I’ll have to buy it after all.
In this sense: the pc is dead, again, not really, he just doesn’t know it yet …