DNF Duel: New videos introduce more characters

After the first game scene trailer for DNF Duel, the new fighting game from ArcSystem Works, was released a few days ago, the developers are now adding three character trailers.

After we received a new gameplay trailer for DNF Duel, the new fighting game from ArcSystem Works, about a week ago, three character trailers have now been released.
One video is dedicated to Berserker using a sword as his weapon of choice, which seems to have a fairly long range. Berserker should have its strengths especially in the middle distance and be most effective there.

Another clip introduces the Inquisitor. With her great ax she seems to cover even more range than Berserker. In addition, the figure has a kind of fire vial, a projectile that not only causes damage, but also creates distance between itself and the enemy.

Last but not least, Grappler is featured in a character trailer. With this character, the name definitely says it all. There are some skills in his arsenal that he uses to toss the opponent back and forth. But Grappler can also deal strong punches and kicks without any problems.

DNF Duel is based on the action RPG Dungeon Fighter Online (aka Dungeon & Fighter, DNF for short) from 2005. However, ArcSystem has not yet published any information about when and on which systems the beater can be expected.