Dolmen: gamescom scenes from science fiction horror

The Kickstarter campaign on dolmen began back in 2018. At gamescom 2021, developer Massive Work Studio and publisher Prime Matter are giving a very action-packed insight into the action role-playing game: All kinds of nasty, beetle-like Xeno species are shown, which are dismantled with axes, bladed and projectile weapons. A release is planned for the PC, Xbox One and Series X / S as well as PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2022.

Crafting, different distances, strategic maneuvers and a lot of improvisation should play an important role here, especially since the player should also keep an eye on energy management and the occasional boss fight. Go to the Steam page here.

“Dolmen is set in a sci-fi universe where humanity has colonized multiple star systems using space technology and genetic manipulation to adapt to the conditions.

The Reviam system is a long way from the main inhabited areas of the galaxy, but has got the attention of Zoan Corp. attracted because it emits radiation that is different from that of other systems and indicates the existence of other universes. There is only one planet in this system called Revion Prime.

Before the events, there was no evidence of the existence of other dimensions. The scientific and military interest behind this discovery could destabilize the existing political balance, but beyond that, research on Revion Prime has also revealed the existence of an alien species called Vahani, whose job it appears to be to roam the universes and to help other species develop. Their interests are unclear and it remains to be seen whether the creation of the xeno species could have been influenced by them. The player must discover the secrets of Revion Prime and the dolmen crystals.


In dolmens you get stronger with every fight!
Experience an extensive combat system with a variety of weapons and moves.
Fluently switch between melee and ranged combat to defeat even the most powerful enemies Revion Prime has in store for you.

In dolmen, the right use of energy is the key to success.
Energy is not only used as a resource for long-range combat, but also for activating the “energy mode”. The energy mode gives your melee weapons powerful elemental status effects, with which you can fully exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.

A desolate and gloomy, but at the same time beautiful world is waiting to be explored by you. Can you unravel the secrets hidden on Revion Prime? Or will this cruel world drive you to death’s door?

Your survival is the last thing this world wants.
Will your timeline be destroyed or can you meet the challenges that await?

Face terrible bosses
Revion Prime has a number of gruesome monstrosities ready to put your skills to the test. “

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