Don’t forget to redeem this Xbox Game Pass Bonus for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood was released on Xbox Game Pass and seems to be gathering a lot of gamers, judging by our friends list. If you’re enjoying it and happen to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, be sure to redeem this benefit while it is available.

members can take o pacote Battle-Hardened, which comes with some adorable treats. You won’t just get four character skins and a Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skins pack. Just visit the Perks gallery on your console, PC or mobile app to rescue.

Some fans aren’t too happy about this, however, as these bonuses were part of a very expensive Ultimate edition. Some are feeling cheated because one of the benefits has been made available free to everyone, now with no in-game cosmetics to display in your edition.

It’s a shame, but still, it’s worth getting them while you can. Freebies are always good, right?