Don’t Starve Together: First contents of the Terraria crossover this week

About a month ago, the developers of Terraria shared a nice little gif on Steam in which the Eye of Cthulhu boss can be seen in the charming style of Don’t Starve. A short time later, Klei Entertainment, the development studio of Don’t Starve, shared a gif of the Deerclops boss in Terraria.

Oops, I think we mixed something up somewhere. Oh well, I’m sure it will all sort itself out by next month.â ï¸

– Klei (@klei) October 21, 2021

A teaser for a crossover couldn’t be much clearer and a few days ago Klei Entertainment announced the release date of the update “An Eye for an Eye” for Don’t Starve Together: Don’t Starve players will be starting November 18th be able to measure Cthulhus with the eye.
“Levels of existence are no longer what they used to be. One tiny mishap left the world of Terraria in pretty… constant danger. […] Survivors and terrarium keepers alike have to be vigilant … who knows what could slip through the cracks when two worlds collide? “

So far nothing is known about the Terraria half of the crossover. As the developers explained in an October update, at least one boss from Don’t Starve will appear in Terraria. It also remains to be seen whether there will be more content for the two titles as part of the agreement.

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