DOOM Eternal adds the long awaited Mode Horde with its new update

The latest title in the legendary DOOM franchise arrived early last year and took a short time to become one of the top rated titles of 2020. More than a year and a half after its release, id Software continues to work on more content for its demonic action game and today we have news in that regard. And is that now DOOM Eternal adds the expected Fashion horde with its new update, patch 6.66 (whose name fits like a glove) which also includes many other content and fixes free for all users and is now available in all Bethesda game versions.

“Available now, the 6.66 update is free for all players and brings tons of new content, improvements and fixes to the action-packed award-winning DOOM Eternal. Experience the new arcade-style Horde Mode, compete in the enhanced multiplayer Battlemode 2.0, put your skills to the test with two new DM levels, get new skins for DOOM Slayer and demons and more,” says the trailer description you can see just below those lines and this allows us to take a look at the new features of the id Software game, which continues to transform and improve a year and a half after its release.

Remember that the 6.66 update is now available on DOOM Eternal and that the game, in turn, is part of the catalog Xbox Game Pass as part of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. In fact, DOOM 2016 and the classics DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3 and DOOM 64 are also available at no extra cost, so you have dozens of hours of fun and adrenaline at your fingertips thanks to some of the best shooters of all time.