Download-free play launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series | S

The celebrations around the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox have had some pleasant surprises in their luggage for fans of Microsoft consoles. Halo Infinite Multiplayer started (albeit with problems for some), and there were 70 new titles in the list of downward-compatible games.

And from today (depending on the region) subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can take advantage of the launch of the cloud service on Xbox One and Xbox Series X (announced in August during gamescom) 529,90 at buy) | S look forward. As Catherine Gluckstein (Head of Product, Xbox Cloud Gaming) writes on, supported cloud-enabled games from the wide range of Xbox Game Pass programs will now be playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – without waiting and without having to install the game on your hard drive.

However, it gets a bit unclear when it comes to the availability of beta cloud gaming for consoles. It currently looks like the service is not yet available in all supported markets at this point in time, but will be made available to all players over the next few weeks. In Germany, the necessary system update seems to be already available. For owners of the Series X | S this means saving valuable storage space on the SSDs. In view of the storage requirements of up to 100GB per game, the standard configuration of 1TB (Series X) or 500 GB (Series S) can be massively relieved by cloud gaming. And Xbox One owners have the chance to experience titles that can only be played on the next-gen system, such as Recompile, The Riftbreaker or The Medium, on their console. Further X | S titles such as the popular Flight Simulator are to be added from the beginning of next year.

The distribution of the update or the response to it may have led to some technical problems. However, an unrelated coincidence can also be responsible for the fact that many areas on are currently inaccessible.

What we noticed when starting the console (Series X) after the update: The user guidance of the cloud offer can still be improved in the beta version. In the case of titles that have already been installed, for example, it is not clear whether the game is also available in the cloud and whether you can create some space again by deinstalling it without having to forego the fun of the game. Even games for Series X | S that have been moved to an external hard drive for space reasons and would have to be relocated to the internal SSD or storage expansion card to start are not marked with the symbol or even started from the cloud.

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