EA shares an ‘initial analysis’ of Dead Space from the next generation of consoles

It may not have a launch window yet, but EA has released an exclusive first look at the remake de Dead Space. While it’s not exactly a complete gameplay revelation, it’s an indication of what players can expect.

Rolling no motor Frostbite, some glimpses of the game can be seen during the developer’s live stream. However, the team was careful to reiterate that this it’s not a finished product, but rather a very early developmental analysis.

The purpose of the remake is enrich the original experience, while making it relevant to current standards. Players can expect to see the story that fans have come to love expanded in entirely new ways, as it works to bridge the sequels and other elements of tradition.

You can see the protagonist Issac walk through the environment in a few moments, presenting the new lighting effects, fog and shadow. A comparison screenshot really shows how the remake has been improved through its visuals:

Another notable focus of the flow was the emphasis on moments of zero gravity. As players are able to fully explore 360-degree environments, the EA Motive team went back to the original build to expand the ways players can do just that. You will find new paths and locations not seen previously in the first game.

Everything about the Dead Space remake seems to be going really well. Although it’s too early to have a definite idea of ​​what the final release will be like, it was great to get an insight into the game’s development. The team seems to be really embracing what fans love about the show, building on everything they can.