Eastward – test, role play, PC

Deep underground

Eastward takes you to an underground enclave where people long ago found refuge from the terrible events on the earth’s surface and built a new home. One of them is the taciturn miner John, who recently started looking after a small, enterprising girl named Sam, whom he salvaged from the rubble and taken in. As a player, you take control of the unequal protagonist duo.

Sam repeatedly claims to have seen the surface of the earth, which she describes as a beautiful and anything but hostile place. But the other residents are skeptical, as no one who has ventured to the surface has yet returned alive. But one day events roll over and the two end up on a train with an unknown destination and the hope that it will not lead them to ruin …

Enchanting staging

On their journey, Sam and John encounter all sorts of bizarre places and characters.

On their 30-hour journey, Sam and John arrive at fascinating places, meet bizarre characters and witness incredible events. The pixelated world they explore is bursting with loving details, animations and secrets. Dialogue and assignment design are also incredibly charming. Sometimes John even has to deliberately lose in a competition in order to make his opponent happy and so to get on. Another time Sam is given new shoes, which she is so happy about that she can now run faster. And in conversations you are always made to smile in a sympathetic way.

The refrigerators that act as storage points, each of which gives a different wisdom, are just as terrific. It’s just a shame that there is no voice output and only English and French, but no German screen texts. Otherwise there would have been more shortcuts or fast travel options as well as an adjustable level of difficulty. Thanks to fair storage, supply and reset points, frustration rarely arises.

Wehrhaftes Duo

At first, John can only defend himself with a frying pan.

At the beginning, John can only defend himself with a cast iron frying pan.

At first, you can only defend yourself against the dangers and adversaries lurking along the way with John’s frying pan. In addition, the experienced miner can place bombs he has carried with him and then catapult them through the area with a hearty pan blow. Later he also uses firearms, flamethrowers and other explosive devices.