EFootball 2022 receives “overwhelmingly negative” reviews at launch

eFootball 2022 was released today and decidedly feedback negativo is already being collected, especially with regard to the PC version on Steam, where the game is currently characterized by an average of ratings “extremely negative”, with users who seem decidedly furious with the treatment reserved for the new PES.

eFootball is available from today as free-to-play, that is, it’s basically a free game, as for the new chapter Konami opted for a fundamental change of direction in relation to the business model, focused on in-game purchases.

This is also the first chapter of Unreal Engine instead of the previous Fox Engine, which led to a technological revolution in development. For many reasons, therefore, eFootball 2022 represents a historic new beginning for the series, with some unavoidable technical problems as well.

It should also be considered that this is a version not yet definitive, since Konami’s idea is to continue to evolve and improve the base of the eFootball 2022 constantly, with a first substantial update already planned for this end of the year that will bring new modalities. And content.

However, this obviously didn’t stop the first user reviews on Steam, of which one real disaster seems to emerge: out of nearly 4000 user reviews, only 9% are positive, for an average “extremely negative” player rating. It’s rare it’s something that critical.

Many complain about graphics that don’t match the standard of a current game, problems with animations and artificial intelligence and very little content and game modes.

For many it would still be basically a “demonstration”, so the evolution will have to be evaluated later and the amount of content should improve in the coming months. More worrisome perhaps are the technical comments that see eFootball 2022 as a sort of involution even compared to PES 2021, in terms of player disposition and movements, ball physics and artificial intelligence, as well as other odd inconveniences such as the inability to increase the resolution above 1080p.

It’s a troubling start for eFootball, especially considering that PES fans waited two years for the gameo after Konami decided to release a ‘Season Update’ for PES 2021 last year. That said, there are plenty of new features in development for late 2021 (it’s essentially just a demo now), so let’s hope to reverse the negativity.