Embr: Fire department action by the Guns of Icarus makers is ready for action

On September 23, 2021, Curve Digital and Muse Games (Guns of Icarus) released the satirical fire department game Embr for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia and officially ended Early Access after 18 months. Via Microsoft Store, eShop, PlayStation Store (only with PlayStation Plus) and Steam, where the previous user reviews are still “very positive”, a launch discount of 20 percent on the regular retail price is currently being granted (15.99 euros instead of € 15.99) 19.99 euros).

In the game description it says: “Play with friends and become the best firefighters – as long as the price is right. Storm into burning houses full of dangerous traps, valuables and state-of-the-art security systems. Extinguish fires, save lives, let everything go that is not nailed down and earn money Lots of money invested in high-tech tools, progressive upgrades and stylish outfits that unlock new solutions.

There are plenty of fires for everyone! Play alone or join a fire squad with up to 4 players online. The dynamic difficulty system always adapts to the size of your team. Master 25 unique levels in 3 districts teeming with traps, danger zones and ever greater difficulties. There are many roads to heroism. Kick in doors, smash windows, fix electrical circuits, fix gas leaks, trick security systems and do whatever you can to get the job done and paid. Earn top ratings so that wealthy clients will notice you. And if you run out of money, just pick up a few valuables when the customers are not looking.

Create the ultimate lucrative fire service experience with a full range of tools, upgrades, vehicles and outfits. Rescue yourself with a bold jump from the roof thanks to the fall damage-reducing crash test helmet, break the laws of physics with the patented double jump baseball cap, put on well-insulated gloves to survive dangerous electric shocks, or find one of the 17 available equipment options your own way to the goal. Thanks to new mission types, daily and weekly new challenges and many unlockable achievements, Embr never gets boring. “

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