Epic Games Store: Rumor: 15 games for free next week, start with Shenmue 3?

If you believe the rumors that, according to the VGC colleagues, began with Dealabs user Billbill-Kun, the Epic Games Store will be giving away 15 titles from December 16 until the end of the month.

There are some arguments in favor of this theory: On the one hand, the user in question has often been right in the past with his “prediction” of the title for PlayStation Plus. On the other hand, the game, which will be distributed for free next week, will be a surprise – currently, unusually, no name is displayed in the corresponding section of the Epic Games Store.

And last but not least, Epic Games launched a similar campaign over the Christmas period last year, in which 15 titles were also given away to users for free. It is expected that a new game will be offered every day for the first 14 days of this promotion, but the last of the 15 games will be available for a week. It is assumed that the action will start with Shenmue 3.

Two titles are being offered for free this week: The Challenger Edition by Godfall, a version of the action role-playing game that has largely been reduced to the endgame modes, and the Prison Architect building strategy. Both can be picked up and added to the library until December 16, 2021 at 5 p.m.

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