Estimates indicate that the Xbox Series X|S could be selling almost as well as the PS5

This generation is very different from when Microsoft launched the Xbox One, is that the company has backward compatibility, 23 studios of its own, Xbox Game Pass, two consoles and the new leader Phil Spencer. Another different thing seems to be console sales as we have good news for the green side here.

We have some official information that it’s a record year for Xbox as the Xbox Series X|S are the best sellers in the brand’s history so far, even amidst the shortage of supplies. Phil Spencer revealed this to the New York Times, and while he didn’t give any specific numbers, he made it clear that this is a record:

The offer is really as big as ever. It’s just that demand is exceeding supply for all of us. At this point, we sell more of this generation of Xboxes, which is the Xbox Series X and S, than any previous version of Xboxes.”

This data is highly relevant because we can already compare with the official data of the Playstation 5. It so happens that Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 has sold more than the PS5 in the same period of time. But Xbox, using dual Series X and SKUs, has set a supply and demand record, and demand is still exceeding supply especially for the Series X.

Estimates x official data

Even though Spencer isn’t providing numbers, the Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad |, says that based on previous year one Xbox One and Xbox 360 numbers (~12 million and 10.4 million respectively), this means Spencer is saying the Xbox Series X and S have shipped. more than 12 million units. Although how many above that is not clear. That is, at the very least, in the worst case, 12 million Xbox Series X|S consoles were officially sold. Any rumor or review company that gave a number less than that got it wrong!

What is strange is that these numbers would put the Xbox Series X and S within walking distance of PS5. The last numbers we heard from Sony were that the PS5 had sold 13.4 million of units in October 2021, below 13.9 million PS4s sold in the same period. We haven’t had official numbers since, but depending on the supply, a few million more have likely been added. So if it’s, say, Xbox Series X/S with at least 12 million sales (13, 14 million?), and PS5 maybe between 15-17 million, that’s definitely a different dynamic than what we’ve seen in a long time.

But as you can see, if this supply shortage continues, and Microsoft is managing to sell more units between the X and S, they could be a little close to overall PS5 sales, split between the disc and digital models. Whether they can catch Sony would entirely depend on the offer, but regardless, we’re a far cry from the last-gen estimates that saw the PS4 outperform the Xbox One by more than 2:1. At least so far.

Granted, sales aren’t as important to Microsoft as they used to be, as Xbox Game Pass is expected to be used on more devices, but it’s very interesting when the future will be. Sony will also have its God of War this year, but Microsoft will come with Starfield, the “fight” will be good.