Evertried: Turn-based roguelite tactics are ready to go

On October 20 and 21, 2021, Lunic Games, Danilo Domingues and DANGEN Entertainment released the isometric round strategy Evertried for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The download via eShop, GOG, Humble Store and Steam, where a free demo is also available, costs 16.79 euros each, while the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store each cost 19.99 euros.

The game description says: “In Evertried, the player’s actions determine when enemy units move. In other words, you are the one who sets the pace of Evertried. The game is as fast or methodical as you want it to be in the fluid, turn-based action combat system . Taking turns moving, attacking, using your sprint and skills and luring opponents into danger is the key to success. Develop sophisticated strategies to outmaneuver your opponents and follow your path to ascent!

When you hit opponents one after the other, your focus level increases, which determines the number of shards received (the currency of the game) and unlocks special amplifiers. The focus level drops if you don’t attack anyone or just move on the floor, so that you always have an incentive to act quickly.

The sprint mechanic allows you to move twice the distance. This allows you to cross obstacles or take a better position. Don’t forget the skills and amplifiers – equippable skills and passive effects that you can use to prepare your character for upcoming battles. Skills will improve and will be carried over on consecutive playthroughs, while enhancers will become stronger based on your current focus level.

The tower has 50 floors, which are divided into 5 areas. Each area is unique and brings with it new types of opponents. The higher you go in the tower, the more complex the floors become. Each area has a retail space where you can spend shards that you receive in exchange for health regeneration, skills and enhancers.

Each area ends with a boss fight in which you can prove your strategic strength. If you lose all life points, your warrior will dissolve and lose his previously acquired skills to reappear on the first floor. However, the mastery of the skills is taken over in the following runs. Rise again, warrior, and face your fate. “

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