Everwild is still in chaos, according to Jeff Grubb, but Josh Sawyer’s game is progressing well.

Everwild may still be navigating trouble, with the development is still chaos, according to Jeff Grubb, while Josh Sawyer’s new game is coming up well and may even be released in 2022.

During the last episode of the XboxEra podcast, Grubb gave updates regarding a few Xbox Game Studios titles in development, including the two already mentioned. In Everwild he didn’t say much more than he reported, just stating that RARE has not yet corrected the situation. and that development is still in chaos despite the fact that months have passed since the reboot.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to take a lot of time for us to see even one Everwild gameplay, but we hope that all this time will be needed for them to straighten out the rumor and manage to deliver a great experience. We can only wish good luck from now on.

Good news is for Obsidian, where the game of Josh Sawyer, who is reportedly developing an untitled game apparently inspired by Disco Elysium, would go on well and could see the light in 2022. Also in this case did not provide details on the matter.

You can’t watch if Obsidian’s next game isn’t Grounded, Avowed or The Outer Worlds 2. Amazingly, it could be Josh’s unannounced title as chances are it will be released next year. Elysium Disco is one of the most acclaimed RPGs of late, having something exclusive to Xbox and Game Pass can be interesting.

Finally, Grubb also had the opportunity to talk about “Project Belfry”, an Xbox exclusive apparently developed by Stoic. For those who fail to remember, this studio is the creators of The Banner Saga. According to him, it can come out in 2022, although he’s not sure.

As always in these cases, take everything with due caution, as they are just rumours.