Everything we know about Halo Infinite so far

During these last days we have been getting to know a multitude of novelties aimed at the debut of the Master Chief in the new generation of consoles. Halo Infinite has visas of becoming one of my favorite games and of practically any Xbox fanatic, and of course I am not going to miss out under any circumstances this new campaign in which our idol will have to face one of his biggest challenges so far.

At the E3 2021 conference, we witnessed how Bonnie Ross’ team made up for past mistakes, presenting us in a spectacular way a preview of what we will find in campaign mode. Being accompanied in turn, by a trailer of its innovative and free multiplayer that aims to break all the standards currently seen in the franchise. Therefore, in this new public article I come to tell you all the information that we know so far about this long-awaited shooter that will be deployed on our consoles, PC and Cloud Gaming simultaneously at the end of this year.

All the information we currently know about Halo Infinite

Zeta Halo at its best

In the past year, we were able to see in depth in the first gameplay those aspects that will bring the Zeta Halo map to life. Installation 07 will be the new scenario in which we will have to manage as we can, in the different shootings that we will have to face to fulfill the main missions available. But as we explore the majestic landscapes of the world that surrounds us, we can choose to fulfill the tasks in which, depending on the sector in which we are at that moment, will have a level of difficulty established with which we must act accordingly. different form to the different situations.

Without forgetting to share that in the new images that the Xbox conference showed us, the extra work invested in improving the modeling of the characters and the scenarios could be seen reflected, based on the criticisms reported in the 2020 footage. Well, if you stop to look at the photo that I attach below (image taken from the trailer), one of the tasks that we can carry out will be to save the soldiers who are prisoners and who will be used as bait to be able to finish us off . At the moment it has not been confirmed what advantages we will obtain by completing these saves, but from what we have seen in previous installments is that these companions will provide us with extra firepower as much as if we go by vehicle or on foot.

New story, new characters

The plot of Halo Infinite tries to answer all the questions that were raised in the previous installments. If you have been accompanying the savior of humanity through his extended story arc, you will know in advance that in this trilogy that is about to end there have been a multitude of secondary characters that have been part of the team of the boss, with whom they have played very useful in their missions when they have been part of them. But what we must be aware of is the roles that the following figures will have importance:

  • Escharum: Yes, you read it right. You can finally name that Brute who made an appearance in last year’s gameplay. But who exactly is it? I tell you. He is the new leader of the exiles, the faction formed by several members of the different existing covenant races and that made an appearance for the first time in Halo Wars 2, and that have the objective of honoring the memory of Atriox. As the main antagonist, this story can be an incentive to deepen his motivations, which incite him to take John-117’s life.

  • The pilot: A Pelican driver trapped in the darkest space surrounding the ring and desperately seeking to return home to his family. However, his priorities take a turn of the screw when he finds the identifier of our beloved protagonist near his ship and sees that he must help our beloved protagonist in his task of preventing the extinction of the human race and the annihilation of the entire galaxy. From a more narrative-oriented story, I would venture to say that this is the character that most intrigues me of all those confirmed so far. Without any doubt, it should be noted that he is the most human character that has been created, because it can be reflected in his behavior. Since his deepest desire is to get out of the hell in which he finds himself.

  • The weapon: An artificial intelligence created by the UNSC that is programmed with the mission of infiltrating the complex in which Cortana is, and lock her up for her complete elimination as she is transferred to the Infinty. Must cooperate with the Master Chief, to complete the task for which it has been created. Apart from his role in this epic, his concerns and motivations for which he agrees to work with him are unknown, even knowing that this is not his mission and that he would know perfectly well that he would be in breach of a direct order from the high command. It only remains to wait until the day of its premiere to be able to verify for ourselves, if it is a worthy substitute for our beloved companion.

Evolved multiplayer

If you are a veteran who was present since the beginning of the saga, surely you know the phrase “The combat has evolved.” This prayer has always been present in a thousand different ways, in which we have had to adapt to its very different gunplay developed over time. In this regard, Halo Infinite is no exception. Because when confirming that we can access multiplayer for free, we are guaranteed a multitude of hours of entertainment next to our friends either on Xbox or PC, thanks to the fact that the title will have crossplay and cross-save, being able to save and continue with our progress either on console, on PC or even on Cloud Gaming.

Are you one of the few who has not had any contact with the IP and are you willing to give it your all in this online arena? Rest assured, 343 Industries has given the solution to all the newbies that appear. As we access this long-awaited section, we will have access to a tutorial mode that will teach us the basic concepts that we must take into account, to be able to develop in each and every one of the games that we are going to play.

Having access in turn to a sector called The academy. A place where we can learn to run, climb, shoot and understand each and every one of the most vulnerable points of the enemies we are going to face. Including, in turn, an option with which we can choose the number of bots that we want to use to refine our aim, since as you all know, the SmartLink is once again present before us.

No matter how you want to enjoy this experience, because with all the content that we will have available from the first day of its launch, we will be present before a product on the market that will contain a higher content index and that will be in constant evolution in as for customization. In general terms, customization is going to be one of the most important factors that will give more play. We will have access to a wide variety of prosthetics, camouflages and helmets that will allow us to show off our appearance in true Halo Reach style. Of course, we must bear in mind that we can acquire with real money several of the attached items to support the creators without unbalancing the statistics placed on the different existing defense objects.

The battle pass come back to stay. 343 Industries commented that this system with which you can get various rewards as we level up in the different time frames in which we are offered. But this does not end here. Even having reached the counter to zero of the previous moments lived, we will continue to have at our disposal all the items that were assigned in the past, so that we can unlock them whenever we want.

Without any doubt, this has been a success dedicated to all those players who do not have much time to play, since they are guaranteed to have the same opportunities as any user focused on leveling up the Master Chief’s collection. Since it will also be available in the Halo Waypoint mobile phone app, the customization of our character and the acquisition of the objects mentioned above, when we are not connected in the game.

To finish off this article, we can only talk about the technical section, which despite the fact that we have not yet seen anything working in real time, the figures are scary. 4K and 60 fps for Xbox Series X, a FREE-TO-PLAY multiplayer that will reach the 120fps on console and implementation of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in the game itself, which will offer us an image that is not only crystal clear, but also visually spectacular. Only it remains to be seen if a Ray Tracing version finally arrives, since last year it was mentioned that it would arrive with a later patch and it would not surprise us that already in 2021 it would come with a complete integration for all systems (except the Xbox One family), or at least, the option of being able to use it.

And you? What have you liked the most of everything we’ve seen so far? Remember that Halo Infinite will be released in late 2020 for Xbox Series, One and PC. I recommend that you be attentive to Generation Xbox, so as not to miss any news related to said game.

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